Jamies Profile

Jamie Chivers

Fundraising Website: http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/jamiechivers


Job: Deaf Instructor

Affiliation with [sonus]: My mother works for Sonus and I have involved with their Deaf Youth services since I was a little kid so you could say that Sonus has played a part in my life.

Home Town: Southampton

If any, how many marathons have you run before? 

I ran a half marathon, actually, less than a half... it was 10 miles!

What was the first marathon you ran? What year did you run it? Did you enjoy it?

I ran the Great South Run in 2009 on behalf of Fun 4 U which is part of Sonus.

Have you got any expectations about the London marathon? 

I expect tears, laughter, smiles and one major thing... PAIN!

Why did you decide to join the [sonus] team? What do you hope to get from the experience?  

It has been known to the Sonus team that I have been interested in running the London Marathon for a long time and when the opportunity came up, I took it. It’s for a good cause so that makes it more worthwhile! I hope to gain satisfaction from reaching the finish line, it takes courage to even start a race and I know this experience will only make me stronger as a person. (And fitter!)

Will you be running alongside anyone or do you prefer to run solo? 

I will be running alongside my friend who is also running the London Marathon on behalf of another charity. Though I mainly train solo!

What do your friends or family members think about you running the London marathon?  What are some of their comments to you and what impact has it had on your family life?

They weren’t surprised that I wanted to do it and they were very supportive offering to be there to cheer me on. I quote a friend who said “Don’t worry, I’ll carry you to the finish line.” Cheers! I think the impact it has on my family life is that all the running is making me hungrier and I’m ending up taking all the food.

How is your training going? Have you any injuries to overcome? 

My training has been going fantastic until last week where my knee has decided it was too sore to continue running so I have taken a few days break to allow it to recover.

What is a typical training week like for you? How many miles do you run? Any cross training?  

A typical training week would consist of blaring out the music from my Ipod, running an average of 18 miles a week and walking very awkwardly every weekend.

Do you have a training partner?  

I prefer to run solo so I can experiment with my pace.

What are your short-term and long-term running goals? 

Short term... to get running! Long term would be to hit 20 miles in training before the end of March.

Assuming you have time, what do you do for fun other than run marathons?

I play golf for the Southampton Deaf Golf team and I go out a lot to meet friends.


To support Jamie in this courageous event please visit his fundraisning website at 

http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/jamiechivers we are thankful for every donation recieved.